Toro, NYC


New York food scene is insane, it changes every day with restaurants and pop ups appearing out of nowhere and I genuinely think that a whole life time wouldn’t be enough to taste New York. When we were prepping for our trip, daily I would post at least 5 suggestions for a restaurant/bar/pop up that I want visit. Obviously, when we got there it all went tits up and we didn’t eat or drink nearly as much as we planned (hoped).

But I am so happy that we managed to go to Toro and didn’t cancel our reservation. Based in the heart of Chelsea. Toro prides itself on best Tapas and a fantastic wine cellar. Chefs combine modern and traditional Tapas flavours and source the best freshest ingredients for their dishes. Based in a reclaimed factory the restaurant has many advantages – 18-foot windows (I didn’t measure them), high ceilings and so much spaceI absolutely loved the look of the restaurant with lots of wood, metal, art work and greenery.   Old factory setting gives restaurant advantage of high ceilings, space and 18-foot windows (no, I didn’t measure them) overseeing bits of Hudson river and busy streets of Chelsea.

Now, the food… Menu was a little bit overwhelming but thanks to our helpful waiter (customer service in America, I bow down!) and his advice on how many dishes we should have we all picked a couple off the menu. Dishes didn’t take too long to come out and were brought out 1 by 1 so it almost felt like a tasting menu (seriously, when am I going to get to do one of those?)


We started off with Spicy Iberico Sausage, can’t beat it and definitely couldn’t fault it. Perfect as an appetiser,after a few slices you start thinking about more food and can’t wait for a top up.


Next, Anchovies on a Crusty Fried Fread and Tomato Salsa. Now I am not a fan of anchovies, but all of these flavours worked perfectly together bringing out the best in each other. img_2404

Followed by Tuna Tartare with Fresh Salad and Croutons. This was my first time trying Tuna Tartare and I was pleasantly surprised as I had nothing to compare it to I can’t tell you more. But both Pete and James said that it was top notch and fresh. img_2405

Roasted Bone Marrow with Beef Cheek Marmalade and Radish-Citrcus Salad, served with crusty toasted bread. Another first timer for me and oh-my-god, I am so glad we ordered this because Beef Cheek Marmalade is something else. Flavour so rich and so raw, you don’t need a lot but you want to come back for more.


Spicy Chilli Garlicy King Prawns. Do I need to say more? Some of the best things in the world combined into one.


Fresh Chorizo and Chickpea Stew. Something I can see myself eat during winter on a daily basis. So hearty, so warm, like a big blanket for your tummy. img_2412

These are not all the dishes, some were eaten before I even had a chance to pick my phone up. All in all, we must have had about 8-10 dishes and they were all top quality in terms of flavour and presentation.

When waiter offered us a dessert menu, we all hesitated for a bit but honestly I would never forgive myself if I didn’t just have a little peek. Dessert was just as good as the mains!

Meet Chocolate Churros filled with Chocolate, covered in Crumbly Biscuit with a side of Chocolate Ganache Sauce. You can’t go wrong when there is that much chocolate.


Next up, Chocolate Mousse Block, topped off with Crunchy Salted Caramel Crumb Creation with a side of Vanilla Ice Cream. My lactose intolerance took a back seat that day. img_2414

We washed it all down with a great bottle of Prosecco and our bill came to about $240, with average dish costing $12-16. Add on tip and VAT (paying bill in NY was a pain because VAT isn’t added on arghhh!), it came to about $290. Was it worth it? Every single bite! Would I recommended it? Absolutely, I already recommended Toro to everyone who has been to New York since I came back.

Extra bonus? Great Hip Hop & R’n’B soundtrack accompanying your meal.

If you want to find out more about TORO, click here and if you want something to do after your dinner, it’s conveniently located next to High Line, find out more about it here.

Anya xx


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