Smorgasburg, NY

Work has been terribly busy and I have major holiday blues. Every evening I am day dreaming about our next adventure and reminiscing about the amazing trip to New York where the food was one of the highlights and we had prosecco with every meal.

Thanks to a recommendation from an ex-colleague (hey, Yassica!) we ended up at Smorgasburg Flea Food Market on a lovely warm Saturday morning. Smorgasburg is only open on Saturdays and is a home to 80+ food vendors from all over New York. You can find anything from pulled meats and ramen burgers to exotic desserts and vegan treats. 

We arrived there just after 11 o’clock and I instantly knew I was at my happy place. The area wasn’t too crowded and it was easy to get through market without any crazy long queues. We ended up getting split up and wandering round, Pete and James looking at food and me taking pictures and picking my first treat. The decision making process was honestly hard  and I am very pleased that we ended up spending majority of that day at the market.


Not only the market offers a breathtaking view of Manhattan (yes, just like in the films!) but there is also a nice bar area with wooden stalls and benches. As we got there so early we managed to get ourselves a table so ended up sitting at the bar all day, taking turns to go grab food & drinks for each other. Despite the bar offering being small, it ticked all the boxes – good beers, nice cocktails and a choice of soft drinks.

Now, food. I started off my food adventure with a Venetian Sandwich. Venetian Sandwich is made up of crustless white bread, fresh rocket, mayonnaise and a VERY generous helping of Bresaola and lashings of Grana Padano. Sandwich is also covered in balsamic sauce on the outside and it tastes incredible. Bresaola meat was top notch quality and melted in my mouth. This amazing discovery is from Tramezinni based in NYC.


While I was tucking into my Venetian Sandwich, Pete was enjoying his Berlin kebab, as he described ”Just as good, minus the Berlin cold”.


Turns out that spiked Beyonce’s work up an appetite so my next victim were Takoyaki balls. This fantastic Japanese snack caught my eye when I did my first round round the market and I knew I had to have them. I ordered a portion of Takoyaki with chicken, balls are cooked fresh in front of you in pop cake maker and get slathered in mayo and hot sauce. I would love to have another portion of these right now but it definitely requires skill and practise to pull them off.


When in New York, of course you must try an outragesly pink Hibiscus doughnut from Dough. I must admit,  I was expecting a lot more from it. The doughnut was a bit dry and I’ve had better doughnuts from Tesco bakery for £1.


Once the IPA’s start flowing the food get more substantial: ladies and gentlemen, say hello to my Buttermilk Chicken Sandwich. I try not think to about it too much because this was THE BEST buttermilk chicken I’ve ever had and it makes me a little bit sad. Crispy crunch and tender meat wrapped in a warm soft blanket of white bun served with pickles and a sauce of your choice (so many sauces!). If you arrive after midday prepare for a good 30 minute wait. I was perfectly happy to wait as I had my drinks to keep me busy but some customers were very impatient.


We of course had to have a little bit dessert so we had some Shaved Ice. An almost guilt free treat made from frozen watermelon which then gets shaved and covered in chocolate sauce and crispy cereal.


If you love food, good crowds, day time drinking and have some time to spare while in New York, then definitely visit Smorgasburg. Prepare to spend a  bit of cash at the bar and to buy food, but whatever you order it’ll be worth it. Share where you can (not because you are a nice person, but because you’ll be able to try more food).

Anya xx

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