Brooklyn Crab, Brooklyn NY

About a month ago I visited New York and I fell in love with the city, the food and everything about it. Brooklyn Crab was one of the high lights for a few reasons: A-M-A-Z-I-N-G food, fantastic view, great signature brew and the fact that it was a good pit stop after miles of walking in the heat. 

So a bit of a back story, as we had a view days in NYC we decided that we should spend a day or two exploring parts of Brooklyn. Red Hook was a suggestion made by James as apparently the bay areas has a great view of The Statue of Liberty and there is also a Lobster Pound that serves a whole Lobster!  So the journey included a short Subway ride (you must try Subway in NYC, it’s an experience and is nothing like London Underground), a 20 minute walk, a detour to Morbid Anatomy Museum and a glass of Ice Tea and another 40 minute walk. Or at least it felt like a 40 minute walk thanks to the sun, the heat and a very rough looking areas of Red Hook. After much venturing and starting to get tired, worn out and very hangry (that mostly affected me), we see this beautiful 2 storey shack building. Looking back at it today, I still feel like it was an oasis in the middle of the desert.


We were sitted at the roofed deck and had a table right next to the edge, we got very lucky and our view was… yes, that’s  right – The Statue of Liberty. It was breathtaking and just how you imagine it to be.


This photo doesn’t do it any justice, but really does it get more American than this? This is a post card material

First thing we ordered was a beer each, opting for Brewklyn Crab IPA by Southern Tier as it’s specially brewed for the restaurant. It was a great IPA, exactly what you need in a scorching heat – light, crisp and refreshing. I guess it’s also a perfect combination for most crab and shell fish served at the restaurant.

The menu was extensive and slightly overwhelming (at least for me, as I always worry about getting food envy). The waitress was extremely helpful and listed all the specials and made few suggestions. Offer of the day was $1 Oysters (bargain!). So between us we shared some Oysters, Crab Claws and Popcorn Shrimp.

It was my first time trying oysters so I don’t know what to say as I have nothing to compare them to. But I will definitely be having oysters again if someone offers, so that’s a good sign, right?


We need to talk about this Popcorn Shrimp – how, how, how, how do they make it so incredible juicy and soft on the inside but perfectly crunchy and crisp on the outside. It melted in my mouth and I am pretty sure I ate 90% of it (sorry, guys!) img_2143

Crab claws were also great – fresh, chilled and awkward to get to.


Now, mains – I went for a Blue Crab Roll with Crisps, James had  Snow Crab Grilled Cheese and Pete picked a Burger.

My roll was incredible – fresh, soft, tender crab, covered in  Old Bay mayo (if you go to America, do pick up some Old Bay spice) in a toasted split roll, accompanied by freshly fried crisps. Addictive, like crack. I normally struggle to finish off burgers, sandwiches and rolls but this was just the right portion size (or maybe it was all that hunger from the walking).


I also had a bite of Snow Crab Grilled Cheese and guess what? I got that food envy, it was amazing. I never think that sea food or shell fish would work in a toastie but it definitely does. Another thing I really enjoyed while being in NY, they will add pickle on the side with EVERYTHING and I love pickles.


Now, you don’t come to a crab shack and have a beef burger but Pete was pleased with his pick.


We shared another pitcher of delicious Brewklyn Brew, soaked in the view and the sun and were ready to explore a bit more. Our bill came to just over $100 between us which I thought was a reasonable price for all the fresh shell fish and the drinks.

We visited the bay area where you indeed can clearly see The Statue of Liberty and it’s fantastic, we also paid a visit to Fairway Market which is a great grocery store with a whole HUGE section dedicated just to Olive Oil. On our way back to find a subway stop we picked a more picturesque route which had a few nice looking bars and cafes. Red Hook is definitely an area that will grow and blossom in the next few years because of it’s fantastic location and the potential.

If you want to find out more about Brooklyn Crab and check out their menu, use this link Brooklyn Crab. If you are visiting New York and have a few days to spare, then I definitely recommend visiting Brooklyn Crab or Lobster Pound (which we did see on our way back to Subway).

Anya xx

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