Dorset Burger Company, Weymouth

Burgers. If you’re anything like me you definitely can’t live without them. When we were planning our trip to Weymouth I knew I just had to go and eat at Dorset Burger Company. Whilst I love my Byron, Shake Shack and GBK you can’t beat an independent restaurant that lovingly works to deliver one of the best dishes in the world.

Dorset Burger Company is located on one of the main streets in the heart of Weymouth and is based in an old rustic looking building. When we walked in we went through to the dining area and were offered a big table for our group without any waiting. It was a Thursday night and the restaurant wasn’t packed so I could spend some time looking around and noting down details of the decor. DBC is definitely trendy and get their influence from places in Camden and Shoreditch – exposed brickwork, heavy wooden tables, mismatched chairs and mismatched furniture, a selection of art work on the wall, mirrors, an open kitchen, and a big bar with a good selection of Spirits and Beers.

Customer service was fantastic; quick, efficient and with just the right amount of banter What is the right amount of banter? Thats when it doesn’t feel like they are trying to hard and you don’t have to fake laugh at their jokes, a lot of places could learn from them.

I was more than happy to hear that they only serve one thing on the menu; BURGERS. I always find it so hard to decide what to eat in a restaurant and when I finally decide and my food arrives, I get food envy because someone on the table next to me orders something completely opposite. With no chance of F.E occurring I scanned the menu with delight.

Selection of locally produced sauces that tasted incredible

Selection of Sauces from Suffolk. They tasted incredible

Everyone picked something different off the Menu, our picky vegetarian Rae was happy with her choice, and the rest of us picked traditional Beef Burgers with toppings and then some. I picked The Dirty Moo – a traditional burger, with Monterey Jack Cheese, DBCo Dirty Sauce and BBQ Pulled Pork. All burgers are served with Chips and Coleslaw. To wash it all down I picked a Camden Ink Stout (not my favourite, but went well with my burger). The Chips were perfect; crunchy, generously seasoned and extremely addictive. The Coleslaw was good but it definitely wasn’t the star of the dish.


Now, THE Burger; Juicy, mouthwatering, succulent and perfect. Crispy brown on the outside and slightly pink on the inside (what I think a perfect burger should be). What makes a perfect burger even better? Melted cheese accompanied by even more meat. The Pulled Pork was delicious, oozing with flavour and sauce perfectly accompanying my Dirty Moo. As I bit into the burger I was in food heaven as the meat was tender and juicy.

If you eat you Burger with a Knife and Fork, please stand up and the leave the table now. The best and the only way to enjoy a Burger is with your hands, with meat juices running down your hands into your sleeves and soaking that crispy sweet bun. The Beef patty was thick and firm and yet melty as soon as it reached my mouth. Eating The Dirty Moo was a holy experience, and I’d pay money to go back.  DBC definitely know how to make burgers and they do it right.

Even Veggie burger looked good!

Even the Veggie burger looked good

I finished my Burger and felt like a champ and 10 minutes later I realised that I could tackle a bit more food. Dorset Burger Company offers a very wide range of Ice Creams (the death of me) and a decent selection of Desserts. I went for a Peanut Butter Stack because Peanut Butter is one my favourite things. I had no idea what to expect  as we weren’t handed any menus, all desserts were listed to us by our Waiter. When it came I knew I made the right choice.


Despite it falling apart and the Waiter trying his hardest to balance on the plate, it looked incredible and tasted even better. With delicious layers of Chocolate and Peanut Butter goodness, this dessert is definitely over the top but in a good way. It had a layer of rich Chocolate Cake, followed by a layer of crunchy peanut biscuit , continued by a layer of light and fluffy buttercream and topped off with a LOT of gooey runny chocolate and crushed peanuts. Sounds Good? It gets better, it had a scoop of Toffee Ice Cream and lashings of milk chocolate. Heaven on a plate. First thing I googled after we left DBC is Peanut Butter Stacks – how to make them or where to buy them.

Now, the price – my whole meal and a tip came to just over £20 which I thought was extremely reasonable as I was more than satisfied by my meal and the service was great. The rest of the group were very pleased with their meals too and kept talking about it the next day (a food win for all!)

To check out the menu and find out more about Dorset Burger Company, use this link:

Anya xx

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