Al Molo, Weymouth

A couple of weeks ago I visited Weymouth and I fell in love with this lovely Sea side town. I also fell in love with the mind blowing Veal Ragout Tagliatelle from Al Molo on our last night.

I must admit on the morning of the day we booked our table, we passed Al Molo which has a sign at the front saying THE BEST ITALIAN in Weymouth and I laughed because the building really didn’t look as if it would live up to its bold claim. Despite being placed right at the Sea front in the middle of town centre beach, the building doesn’t look inviting or appealing (sorry Architects!)

But thanks to Emma who took time to do some research and to read the reviews,  we were following Google Maps to get to Al Molo 8 hours later. As soon as I realised where we are going I started laughing and gave Emma “the look”. You know how they say never judge a book by its’ cover?  Well really, don’t.

Al Molo turned out to be a very sleek, fantastic restaurant with an amazing Sea view. Unfortunately as we only booked 2 hours prior, our table didn’t have the view but the restaurant looked fantastic inside anyhow. Once inside the Restaurant was buzzing; it was full of couples, friends, double dates, young people, old people, in fact any type of customer you can imagine.


The Menu was extensive but not overwhelming. Al Molo offers something for everyone; Vegetables, Fish, Meats, Cheeses and they even have Gluten free options.

They started us off with a selection of breads, butter and olive oil with balsamic vinegar. I love a good sour dough loaf and so do they, I had to stop myself after 2 slices to save room for my food.

For my starter, I chose Pineapple Carpaccio and Prawns. For the price I paid I thought I got a very generous amount of prawns on plate. They tasted absolutely incredible, drenched in seafood sauce served with Pineapple shavings. Sounds Weird, but tasted wonderful, honestly.


For my main meal I ordered a Veal and Wild Mushroom Ragout which absolutely blew my mind, so much that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it every day since and I became so desperate I had to message the restaurant on Facebook for the recipe; as they say desperate times equal desperate measures!

The Ragout was served with freshly made Tagliatelle, and it was the most tender creamy light and sensual dish I’ve ever had. I didn’t want to talk, I didn’t want to be disturbed and I definitely didn’t want to share. I cleaned my plate and I never looked back. Even with my lactose intolerance I didn’t care about how creamy the dish was because it WAS WORTH IT.


Veal and Wild Mushroom Ragout Tagliatelle

Unfortunately, I couldn’t physically manage any dessert as they all had some sort of Cream or Dairy in them, but they all looked very promising.

I can’t recommend Al Molo enough to you, this Restaurant will have something for everyone whatever your palette is and will leave you very happy. I am more than grateful to Giuseppe for sharing his Veal and Wild Mushroom Ragout recipe with me (I am sensing a trip to the butchers this weekend!).

My meal (2 courses, half a bottle of house red, and a tip!) came to £25 which I thought was very reasonable in this day and age.

Below are pictures snapped by my friend Rae, who is a very picky Vegetarian, even she enjoyed her trip to Al Molo.



Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli with Butter and Sage Sauce

If you want to find out more about Al Molo, use this link: and if you want to find more about Weymouth and Dorset use this link:

Anya xx

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