Top 3 bars to visit in Budapest

If you’ve never been to Budapest, you definitely should pay a visit because it’s an incredible city with fascinating history and a vibrant night life. I fell in love with it on the first night and I dream of going back ever since. While we were at Budapest we ate in so many fantastic places and drank excessive amounts of alcohol but in this post I will sum up my top 3 bars in Budapest that are a MUST to visit while you are there.

Warm Up Bar. One of the best bars I’ve EVER been to. A bar without a menu, prices or even ingredients list. It’s small, it’s cosy and it serves the BEST cocktails. All bartenders are professional mixologists and not cocktail attempting wannabe’s like me. On our arrival we’ve been asked about out favourite spirits and flavours and 5 minutes later we were presented with these:

I can’t remember the exact flavours of each cocktail but the one on the right had pomegranate, something very sweet and vodka, on top of the glass is a massive wedge of ice garnished with some fresh pomegranate seeds. It was extremely easy to drink as you couldn’t taste ANY alcohol. Cocktail on the right had more creamier and sweeter base, I remember caramel, cream, toffee and something sugary. It was incredible and I could drink it every day. The prices were pleasantly low, we paid less than 10 euros for 2 cocktails which is definitely less than what you’d pay for a professional mixologist service in the UK.

To find out more about Warm Up visit their website:

Szimpla Kert. When I think of Szimpla Kert I think of a crazy festival, I think of Shangri La at Glastonbury or Bollywood Area at Bestival. Crazy designs and fusion of different cultures. It’s one of many ruin pubs in Budapest but it’s definitely the most popular one. It’s full of mismatched items of furniture: long dining tables, benches, high chairs, high tables, stools, cosy intimate booths with heavy curtains, pillows and desk lamps, variety of art work and mix and match of lights and fixtures. They serve food and drinks, the bar has a very extensive selection of spirits and cocktails and a great choice of beers. We didn’t eat while we were there but I spotted lots of chips and hot dogs, very simple food but exactly what you need before you drown your body in alcohol. Szimpla Kert hosts live music events, markets and various workshops so there is always something going on. You don’t need to pre book, just pop in and get stuck in.


Image courtesy of Szimpla Kert

To find out more about Szimpla Kert, visit their Facebook page:

Rumpus Tiki Bar 

This bar was on our way to and from the hotel and it’s incredible. On one of our walks back to the hotel we decided to pop in ”just for one more” and ended up staying out till 2am. Rumpus is a typical tiki bar, expect to see everything you normally would: masks, cosy booths, palm trees, lots of wood and waitresses wearing Hula skirts. So the atmosphere is nice, the music is great, service is fast and welcoming and the cocktails are IMMENSE. They have a very extensive selection of cocktails, all of which are served in crazy cups/glasses/treasure chests. Prices are reasonable but not as cheap as everywhere else in Budapest, however Hungarians are very generous with their servings so you will get your money’s worth. If you are not into cocktails they also serve spirits and beers so there is something for everyone.

To find out more about Rumpus, click here:


Just one of many crazy cocktails we had at Rumpus. It’s all a blur after this one

Writing this up gave me major holiday blues and a craving for a refreshing Pina Colada…

If you are planning to visit Budapest, Ryanair does cheap flights and Expedia or Air BnB will have some good places to stay on offer.

Anya xx

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