Katzenjammers, London

Yesterday we had a spontaneous day out in London which involved a lot of drinking and eating. We started off at London Brewer’s Market at Old Spitafields Market which hosted 26 different breweries as well as vinyl market. We got there around lunch time and it was extremely crowded and busy, but we did manage to get a pint of Partizan Porter(rich and full in flavour). If you love your beers it’s worth checking London Brewer’s Market website to see what they get up to, they normally host a big market every Saturday at various locations in London.

After London Brewer’s Market we headed to  Be@1, Spitafields for a few cocktails. My new favourite is Almond Mocha(tastes just like my peanut butter protein shake!) which makes it dangerously easy to drink.

And we polished it all of with gigantic sausage platters at Katzenjammers. Katzenjammers is a German beer house which serves a fantastic range of traditional German dishes and a wide range of German beers. It’s located right outside London Bridge tube station which makes it very accessible and easy to get to.

This was my second trip to Katzenjammers and it was just as good as I anticipated it to be. Pete and I both had a Paulaner Pilsners(light, crispy and refreshing) to start with, followed by mixed sausage platters. Each platter has 5 types of sausage(Frankfurter, Pfefferbeiser, Bratwurst,  Paprikawurst and Bockwurst) as well as warm red and white saurekraut(pickled cabbage). I absolutely love German sausages, they taste and look nothing like British sausages because the cooking process is completely different. Katzenjammers platter didn’t disappoint,  I smothered my sausages in mustard but unfortunately I couldn’t only manage about 2.5 sausages. I’ve been ill the whole week so my appetite has gone down, I couldn’t even finish my beer. Platters do however come in two sizes-small and large, if your appetite is on a small side then definitely go for small.


We also shared a portion of pomfrittes(skinny chips) which are very similar to McDonald’s chips. Waitress also brought us a mayonnaise dip for our chips which was heavenly. Chips and mayo are like crack to me.


Our meal and drinks came to just over £40, which is a great value for the amount of food you get.

Katzenjammers is extremely popular and was jam-packed when we got there. We ended up sharing a table with 4 other people as every table was taken up. The crowd is very mixed-couples, all male & all female groups, tourists, young, old and there was even a stag do there. To avoid disappointment and to get a table definitely turn up just before the rush hour(i.e. lunch, dinner) or book a table. There is a also a downstairs area which is a home to various performances and more beers. The restaurant is located on in the basement and has very simple decor-bare white walls with a few photos and wooden tables with wooden benches. No frills designs goes perfect with no frills hearty food. All waitresses wear traditional German outfits and they normally play popular chart music.

If you want to have a look at full menu or to book a table, click here: http://katzenjammers.co.uk.

I definitely wish I could finish all those sausages yesterday, writing this up made me very very hungry.

Anya xx

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