Gellert Hotel Brunch. Budapest

In December last year, we’ve visited Budapest for a short but amazing weekend break. I didn’t blog about any of the places we’ve been to but a couple of weeks ago I was going through my photo library and came across pictures from the trip and pictures of all the food we ate there.

While we were in Budapest, we felt like kings! Thanks to exchange rate and Eastern European prices we felt like we could afford ANYTHING, so naturally unlimited brunch was a must. After a thorough research on TripAdvisor we decided to go to Gellert Hotel for Sunday brunch (apparently, Budapest loves a good Sunday lunch).

Gellert Hotel and Spa was 40 minutes away from where we were staying but it was lovely sunny day so we decided to walk it.  On our walk we did get to spot a couple of famous metal statues that are spread around the city and it was a beautiful sunny walk down the river bank, which meant lots of tourists, dog walkers and not at all hungover joggers.


When we finally got there we were in awe. Gellert Hotel is set in a very impressive 5 storey building and their dining room is situated on the 1st floor, hotel floors are covered by the softest carpets, walls are covered by paintings and there is a lot of leather and wooden furniture that just screams ”posh”. As we walked into the dining room, we instantly felt underdressed and out of place-imagine huge glass chandeliers, table service and live music. Yes, live music! It was a wonderful experience, something you would pay £100’s for in London and something that we probably wouldn’t choose to pay hundreds for. As soon as we sat down, waiter poured ”champagne” in our glasses. I say ”champagne” because it’s actually sparkling wine(good sparkling wine but it didn’t come from Champagne).

Finally, the food. The brunch buffet was fairly average to our surprise-there was a selection of cold meats and cheeses, salads, pickled vegetables, hot goulash soup, a great selection of hot foods(anything from stewed vegetables to meat and fish) but for some reason food didn’t go with the atmosphere and the whole concept of brunch in a such posh setting. I was expecting eggs Benedict and smoked salmon and definitely not a goulash soup. If you are hungry and want to try new stuff then definitely go for it as you will get a chance to try variety of food in one go.

As were trying different food from the buffet table, waiter kept topping up our glasses with champagne and water and he kept trying to switch us to wine. And we kept saying no and asking for more champagne. Waiters were also topping up buffet table with freshly made food to replace whatever has been eaten or top up whatever was still left.

Right next to our table, there was a massive stand laid out with desserts, huge selection of small but mighty treats that I couldn’t stop staring at. When we had enough of ”real” food we attacked the desserts. There was selection of eclairs, cheesecakes, sponge cakes, mousses, trifles, ice creams and cakes. It was hard to decide what I want so I wasn’t too shy about it and piled up my plate with a few things. Luckily they come in tiny afternoon tea rations so I could try a bit of everything and still had space left. I must say, all of the desserts were to die for-creamy, fluffy, light and sticky at all the right times. And they definitely did go with the atmosphere, chandeliers and live music.


This is just one of my rounds to the dessert stand

If you want to find out more about Gellert Hotel, click this link: , the hotel also has a spa and thermal baths that are open for non-residents at a small extra cost. Ryanair does really cheap flights to Hungary and if you book a weekend during off-peak time you can get it for as cheap as £150 per person in a 4* hotel. You won’t need a lot of spending money to enjoy, relax and indulge.

Anya xx

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