London Craft Beer Festival 2015

It’s Thursday and everyone is doing throwbacks to their favourite things and events, I’ll be looking back at London Craft Beer Festival 2015 that we attended last August.

London Craft Beer Festival is fairly new festival but it’s definitely worth going to. Last year was our second time attending and it didn’t disappoint once again(we already bought our early bird tickets for this years festival too). 

So let’s start with the location-LCBF is held at Oval Space which is a very cool building in Bethnal Green area, it’s used for various events and exhibitions through out the year and in August it becomes a home to over 20 different breweries from all over the UK and even Europe. To name some: Signature Brew, Stone Brewing, Brewdog, Camden Town Brewery, Lervig Aktiebryggeri. It also welcomes a range of acts and djs- Dj Yoda and Cuban Brothers are just some of them. You also get a choice of good food-cheese and meat platters, hot dogs, burgers and something else that I ate when I was drunk.


London Craft Beer Festival is definitely great value for money(early bird tickets come in from £25 to £38). With your ticket you get access to the festival for 5 hours, branded souvenir glass and an unlimited amount of tasters, (taster is about 100-150 mls). If you think that’s not a lot wait till you get there and each brewery has 3-4 types of beer and you are eager to try each and single one of them. I’m a massive light weight so about 30 minutes into our session I need to eat in order to continue my drinking and as I’m a huge fan of porters and stouts(which tend to be a lot stronger than ales and lagers) I end up being very merry very quickly.


The crowd? A lot of hipsters, but mainly the crowd consisted of people in late 20’s to mid 40’s, everyone seems very laid back and happy to be there. Definitely a different experience to turning up to CAMRA festival and being the only female and the youngest person in the room.

Word of advice, definitely try beers that you wouldn’t normally have or wouldn’t normally spend £10 a bottle on to see if you actually like it and if it’s worth the fuss. Another word of advice-bring a pen with you to tick off the breweries and beers that you’ve tried and to make notes(sounds geeky but trust me, it’s very unlikely that you will remember which beer you drank in which order). Or download the Unttapped app to track your findings during the session.

So what else is there? You can stay indoors with all the breweries and music or there are two outdoor areas-semi roof top and a long balcony. It gets super cosy but after a few drinks you won’t even notice it. Last year we were lucky to catch Dj Yoda’s set for an hour, who turned out to be a very friendly down to earth guy.


I must admit the train ride home was a bit of a blur and so was an hour of running around Westfield trying to find Shake Shack(because drunchies). Seriously, is there even a Shake Shack in Westfield?

If you want to check out their website and grab an early bird ticket, here is the link:

Anya xx

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