Pierogarnia, Torun

A month ago we visited a lovely placed called Torun, which is based in northern Poland. As soon as we arrived and dropped off our bags at the hotel, we spent about half an hour walking through central Torun looking for somewhere to eat and have our first Polish beer after our flight and very little sleep. We spotted Pierogarnia and decided to give it a go as it looked authentic, sounded authentic and had a cosy outside area where we could enjoy our first beer. Pierogarnia(translates as ”dumpling”, thank you, Google) had an extensive food menu and at first we were overwhelmed, but we had to decide on something!

To give you a sense of our confusion, I’ll quickly run through sections of the menu: shortcake dumplings from the oven, dumplings from the oven, traditional boiled dumplings, sweet potato pancakes, savoury potato pancakes, chebureki(huge fried dumplings), sauces, desserts and drinks. All dumplings come in a selection of meat and vegetarian options and everything looks mouthwatering.

IMG_6551To start with we went for a pint of dark Ksiazece(waitress taught how to pronounce it and it became our favourite beer). Between us we ordered two meals to share: a portion of potato pancakes with meat and a portion of traditional boiled dumplings with smoked, cheese and pepper. The waitress suggested we order garlic sauce for our dumplings(which was amazing!). While you are waiting for your food they bring out a plate with Polish bread, lard and some pickles(on the house). I wasn’t too sure at first but gave it a go. Turns our that lard doesn’t really taste of anything.

Our potato pancakes were served with meat gravy which had bits of mushrooms and sausage in it and the pancakes themselves were HUGE. I absolutely loved it because it reminded me of my childhood, when me and my mum used to make smaller version of potato pancakes, which we call ”dranniki”.


Dumplings were soft and delicious and freshly prepared. Smoked ham, cheese and pepper are definitely one of the best combinations. We shared a portion of 5 between us but I could definitely go for 10. Each.

We didn’t even dream to get to desserts because we were stuffed but we did order another pint each of delicious and rich Ksiazece. Our bill came to less than £20 and we were shocked as the food was perfect and portions were more than generous.

We spent three days in Torun and every day one of our meals was in Pierogarnia. We learnt that we prefer traditional dumplings over oven baked dumplings. And we also learnt(the hard way) that everything is cooked in a ton of oil.

Torun had two branches of Pierogarnia both located in town centre. Krakow also has Pierogarnia, if you ever visiting either of the cities I could recommend it more. If you are after authentic, I think this is one of the best places to try.

If you are planning a visit to Torun, click this link to see full menu and locations: http://www.pierogarnie.com/torun_en/

Anya xx

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