Altberliner. Restaurant and cafe

As Christmas feast time is approaching, I’m getting really really really excited about the food and also reminiscing about my time and Berlin and all the great meals we had while we were there.
I realised that I haven’t written much about places we’ve visited so today I will be reviewing Altberliner Restaurant and Cafe. I hope anyone who is planning a holiday in Berlin finds this useful and follows my advice and DOES pay a visit to this wonderful restaurant.
Altberliner is located in Mitte, just off Friedrichstrabe and is very easy to find. They have great outside seating area, which we would have used but it was too cold to be outside for even 5 minutes.
Restaurant itself is very spacious and bright with lots of big chandeliers, photographs showing historical places, paintings and quirky items of decor. One of my favourite things about restaurants in Berlin is that none of the waiters have note pads, they remember your order and there is no manic scribbling. Everywhere we went we got our orders right and quickly. Also, waiters were dressed in traditional outfits, which made it more authentic(that’s exactly what we were looking for).
Even though we knew that we are going to have a schnitzel we still had a look at the menu. Great selection of wines and beers, very good selection of authentic German dishes and everything at very affordable prices.
We didn’t need too much time to decide on our order. Being greedy and very excited about what’s on the offer we didn’t just go for schnitzel, we also went for meat and cheese platter. It had a great selection of meats, cheeses, sauces and pickles. One of my favourite things in Berlin was rye bread, this is probably one of few things that I miss about living in Latvia, good organic bread.

Selection of meets, cheeses and breads

Selection of meets, cheeses and breads

Of course, we couldn’t have our meal without a beer and they came in massive glasses(bigger than my head really). Pete selected the beer and it was a fantastic very rich dark beer. As much as I wanted to have another massive glass after I’ve finished mine, I knew I would explode if I do.

Dark and very rich beer
When our veal schnitzels arrived I was shocked. They were HUGE, they took up more than half the plate and there was no way I would have finished one. They were served with very well made fried potatoes and and very light side salad(I haven’t touched any of it).
I’ve managed about a half of my mine and was very disappointed with myself as it was very good: tender and soft, seasoned just perfectly, I absolutely loved breadcrumbs batter and it pained me to leave any of it behind.

Veal schnitzel and fried potatoes

Veal schnitzel and fried potatoes

You’t think we would give up after our schnitzel defeat… No, we wanted more! Pete picked apple strudel for dessert and we didn’t regret it. Served with ice cream, it took us about 2 minutes to wolf it down.

Hey, good looking!

Hey, good looking!

I think the whole meal cost us less than 50 euros, which is really good for a 3 course meals with drinks. If we ever go back to Berlin, Altberliner would be one of the places I would want to revisit. While I was doing research for this post, I found out that they also have Altberliner Beerhouse, which has a great selection of beers and traditional food.
I hope this review made your mouth water!

If you want to find out more about Alberliner, here is a link to their website(I hope you can read German):
Anya xx

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