Ka De We. A must go for gourmets

Ka De We was on our list of places to visit before we even got to Berlin. Our guide described it as a department store with food outlets that have great selection of meats and cheeses. They already had our interest with that! What got us even more excited was when one of our work colleagues who happened to be visiting Berlin that weekend told us that he had the best lunch while there.
On our 3rd day we decided to go to Ka De We for lunch, it took us about 20 minutes to get there switching different U-bahns(think London underground) and we were there. Ka De We is set in an impressive 7 story building, floors 1 to 5 are occupied by designer clothing stores(Gucci, Chanel, Tiffany & Co, Dior, Fendi, Miu Miu etc etc etc). We didn’t  go through any of the shops because shopping in Berlin wasn’t on our agenda.

Germans go all out with their trees

Germans go all out with their trees

Floor 6 is taken by various food, drink & snack vendors, each has their own stall and majority of them cook fresh food right in front of you. So if you fancy the look of that fresh lobster, all you need to do is sit down next to the counter and it will be prepared right in front of you. The whole floor was super busy when we go there, which was around 1PM and everyone was either having a drink, lunch or doing their Christmas shopping.
At first we had no idea what to go for, because there was so much choice and we knew we wanted to try as much as possible as we weren’t planning to come back again.
We stared our meal with two nice Pilsners at one of the bars. German beer is great and cheap comparing to craft beer prices in the UK. After our drink we continued walking around looking for somewhere to eat and we spotted a perfect stall-Antipasti. What’s better way to start your meal than by having some starters?



Our plate had selection of meats, cheeses, 2 types of olives, marinated shallots, mushroom, artichokes and peppers. Green olives were one of the best olives I’ve ever had and feta cheeses were nicely marinated which was new for me. We accompanied our dish with Ka De We’s very own beer(which got to my head too quickly). Service was very quick, while counter was busy with other people having main meals and platters. It was interesting to watch chef prepare dishes for other people. Prices for main meals varied between 12 and 15 euros, which is how much you would pay for your meal at any chain restaurant in UK. But chances are your meal wouldn’t be freshly prepared just for you.
Before we sat down for our starter we spotted two champagnes bars-Moet and Veuve Clicqout. A glass of champagne would cost just under 10 euros, but unfortunately because I’m not good at day drinking we didn’t get round to it.

We went to have a look at 7th floor, which was a canteen style restaurant set in a winter garden. It had great selection of mains, desserts(we shared one of them) and drinks; after our little de-tour we made our way back down to gourmet food floor.
After a little bit more searching we found a counter that did variety of meals from vegetarian dishes to fish & meat. All of the seats by the counter were taken, but luckily they had a small area next to the counter with 4-5 tables. Once we sat down at the table, the waitress instantly cleaned the table for us and gave us menus. She came back to take our order which we thought was really good considering that it’s counter service.
We both went for Cordon Bleu with fried fries(delicious) and a side salad. When we got our drinks(Pilsners again) they brought us small plates with selection of vegetables with very sweet salad dressing. I really enjoyed it because it was so refreshing. We had to wait for a little while but it was understandable because they were busy and all meals are freshly prepared. Our Cordon Bleus were perfect: chicken was tender, ham was thickly sliced and cheese was perfectly melted. I couldn’t finish my portion because of eating before hand and drinking a fair amount of beer.

Perfect Cordon Bleu

Perfect Cordon Bleu

So this was our meal at Ka De We. Would I go back? Hell yes! Would I recommend  it? Yes, to everyone and anyone who loves food! Was it my favourite part of the trip? Quite possibly…

To find out more about Ka De We, click here: http://www.kadewe.de/en/home_english/
Anya xx

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