Meat Market. Always a favourite

Before going too see Book of Mormon last week we nipped to Meat Market for a quick bite to eat. I first discovered Meat Market last year as we were looking for somewhere to lunch in Covent Garden.

Covert Garden is so wonderful around Christmas time

Covert Garden is so wonderful around Christmas time

Meat Market is an American style diner(yes, my favourite) that looks like a low budget canteen with high tables and high chairs and funky signs with very weird messages. You order your food at the counter and the only menu they have is one in the wall next to the counter. When your order is ready it either gets brought to your table(on a quiet day) or your name gets shouted very loudly(slightly embarrassing).
When I got there I knew exactly what I wanted to eat so I ordered a Dirty Chicken burger for myself. Pete had a Phili Cheesesteak bun and we shared hippie fries as well as monkey fingers( which we first tried at Taste of London last summer).

Monkey Fingers, Hippie fries. Dirty Chicken Burger and Philly Cheesesteak Bun

Monkey Fingers, Hippie fries. Dirty Chicken Burger and Philly Cheesesteak Bun

Monkey fingers are strips of chicken dipped into a hot sauce and then fried in batter, served with raunch dip and they are absolutely delicious. Chicken is tender and batter is super juicy. Ranch sauce compliments spiciness of monkey fingers but they are very greasy so be prepared.
Hippie fries are served with fried onion and mustard. These are the fries that gave me idea for my own gypsy fries(recipe to come soon). Unfortunately we only managed a quarter of the tub as we got there very hungry and got full very quickly.
My chicken burger(deep fried chicken, mayo, onions and lettuce) was slightly disappointing. First time I had it it was tender chicken in juicy soft batter. This time round my batter was really dry so it made think that my chicken was cooked then left for a while and then microwaved. I didn’t enjoy it as much but it didn’t make not want to come back. Burger does have very generous amount of meat, so you definitely won’t be hungry after eating it. I would recommend it to anyone who likes chicken/chicken burgers.

Dirty Chicken Burger

Dirty Chicken Burger

Pete’s Phili Cheesesteak Bun(shaved rump steal, cheese, pepper, onions, inna bun)  looked great and he finished the whole thing without thinking twice. He seemed very pleased with it.
Oh and as for drinks, Meat Marker offers good choice of shakes(boozy and non-boozy), but not to the point where you can’t decide what you want. Pete had a root beer and I went for water(boring I know, but it was a school night).
Overall, Meat Market is good for a quick bite to eat that taste absolutely delicious.They also do dogs, selection of starters and sharers, desserts and a range of shakes and cocktails.  Our meal came to just over £30, which is not too bad considering we were in Covent Garden. I do wish I didn’t eat like a dog when I got there because I ended up getting full too quickly and I only managed half of my burger, two monkey fingers and a little bit of fries. Lesson learnt for me!

To see the full menu and to find the nearest Meat Market, click here:
Anya xx

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