About Beers, Meats and Treats

Beersmeatsandtreats-15Welcome to Beers, Meats and Treats. This was born out of my obsession with food. I love eating, I love exploring, I love exploring new cultures through eating. But as much as I love eating out and trying new dishes, I adore being in the kitchen and creating heart-warming dishes that stick with you. Whenever I eat out, I love to bring a recipe home to recreate it. Most of my memories are connected to food, each trip away, each big celebration is linked to a dish, or flavour or a drink.

But I don’t just like to eat food, I want to know its’ history. I like to research my dishes and the traditions that come with them. Growing up in Latvia with Russian parents I was mostly exposed to traditional Russian recipes, with an occasional Latvian dish. Then we moved to Cyprus where I picked up few new favourites and been exposed to new flavours and ingredients ( eating octopus pourgouri for the first time was mind-blowing) and then finally settling down in the U.K. meant that I started exploring foreign cuisines one step at a time. Now, my meals are a fusion of different cuisines, flavours and textures.

Here, I am recording my food explorations by documenting recipes, adventures, meetings and light bulb moments.

Expect an occasional drunk story, a snack, and some raving reviews of good eating joints.


Anya xx